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How it all started

To say it simply, Noodle Canteen is a labour of love! We love cooking food, we love the aromas of food, we love how good food can make grown men weak in the knees! It brings us infinite joy to serve happiness plate after plate! The cuisine we serve at Noodle Canteen is inspired by Mrunal’s travels to South East Asia. Words cannot express the joy of steaming hot noodle soup by the side of a street on a rainy evening or the relief ensued by chilled salad rolls on a hot afternoon, the crunch of fresh veggies, hand stretched noodles, dimsums bursting with soup!

Such are the wonders of the Asian cuisine. Infact, it’s the only cuisine that can boast of such a fine balance of sweet, spicy, sour & salty flavours in a single preparation. And these are exactly the experiences that we have endeavoured to bring to the table at the restaurant. Our attempt is not to replicate or emphasise excessively on the authenticity of the cuisine; we attempt to preserve the soul.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t serve fusion food. Just like you can’t enjoy pani puri in a fine dine restaurant, the true joy of dimsums is never better relished than in the streets of Hàng Båc Vietnam.

Our Food


Noodle Canteen is the first of its kind quick service Pan-Asian eatery that emphasises on the freshness of ingredients. An Indian myth that Chinese or Pan-Asian food is unhealthy or junk food because of the Indianizationof the cusineover the years. We are the first in the country to be able to dish up recipes of fresh dough hand made noodles. Our food is 100% MSG free and is completely safe for children and pregnant women. Healthy Asian food for everyday consumption and every day prices.

Hand crafted recipes of speciality Vietnamese, Thai Korean and Chinese delicacies with easily available ingredient alternatives that do not tarnish their authenticity. A menu engineered to suit the Indian pallet. Made of hand picked dishes from repeated travels to the south east of Asia. Extensive menu research to comprising of a variety of options in every section of the menu.

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